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SubjectRe: Deletion of big files...
Rik van Riel wrote:
> On Fri, 14 May 1999, Jorge Gonzalez Villalonga wrote:
> > I have noticed that when I delete a big file (say 800MB), with a
> > rm command, for example, the rm command does not return until the
> > file has been deleted (or so it seems).
> > In other Unices, like IRIX, the rm command returns _inmediately_, no
> > matter the size of the file.
> > Looks to me like the unlink syscall is somewhat synchronous, and it
> > shouldn't, or does it? For this concrete issue, it could be easily
> > solved by the unlink syscall starting a thread to unlink the big file,
> Cosmetics.
> $ rm bigfile&
> will achieve exactly the same thing at no kernel
> cost...


Freeing the allocated space *is* incredibly slow under Linux though.
On my machine (P133) it is something like 15 MB/s.

Tried with HP-UX sometime ago: Not only does the rm command return
immediatly, but the space is freed also immediatly (as shown by

Rob van Nieuwkerk

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