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SubjectRe: SBLive driver source - Dxr2/3
On Wed, Nov 03, 1999 at 11:21:38AM +0000, Tony Hoyle wrote:

> > I wouldn't think so. In fact, the Dxr3 is a re-badged RealMagic Hollywood
> > Plus. People on Windows platforms are actually using the Hollywood Plus
> > drivers with their Dxr3 cards because they are more reliable than Creative's
> > own Dxr3 drivers. There are also applications that let you get around region
> > coding and Macrovision with the H+ drivers.
> >
> Hmm... I still have an H+ in a box somewhere which I ditched when I got a Dxr2 -
> the H+ software crashed on half the DVDs I tried it on & the front end software
> was crap. I'm surprised Creative have gone that way.. oh well...
> Drivers for the H+ would be nice, but Sigma designs aren't going to release Linux
> drivers (they have publicly stated this) since the CSS decryption needs to be done
> is software & they are covered by NDA with it. I suppose it's possible Creative might
> break ranks and release the H+ specs anyway (I wouldn't hold your breath though).

shit, these dxr2 encore kits are rare and cost at least the same a drx3 encore kit...
what are the features of the dxr3, the dxr3 does not have? i can't find any information
about the dxr2 on the creative site...


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