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    SubjectRe: SBLive driver source - Dxr2/3
    On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > when I tried it in my NT SMP box... resource contention anyone? Anyways,
    > > Sigma has actually said they are producing Linux drivers for it (in fact
    > > the slashdot article on DVD when CSS decryption was cracked has a reply
    > > from Sigma posted that states just this). My guess is the drivers will
    > > be binary only though so I guess they really won't exist as far as I
    > > care.
    > The DVD licensees are under a lot of pressure to play very safe. The fine
    > is about $1m if their stuff is broken. The Sigma board apparently does
    > CSS in software so they have their butts to cover. Hopefully they can
    > manage to at least do open source driver , binary only player.

    No, this is silly. They should produce a player which only plays
    unencrypted titles (they are out there) and we use our CSS code to do the
    decryption as a seperate package (prehaps transpartnly using NBD)

    > > Livid I believe has docs for some of the Zoran based DVD cards (anyone
    > > know which cards those are?) so that's probably the way to go if cards
    > > are any good.
    > The Zoran has hardware CSS which does make vendor life easier although it
    > may limit your ability to play region locked DVD's

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