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SubjectRe: Linux login security approaches

On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, Lenart Gabor wrote:

> We should define a key combination which is unmaskable by ANY process, and
> login procedures should begin by pressing this combo. However I was told that
> this is "an NT way" solution, but I disagree. (I don't know anything on
> NT before I've hopefully never used it :) But the idea is great.

First: There is allready somthink like that for the X Windows system (at
least with the XFree86 Server): The Key-Combo Ctrl-Alt-Backspace
kills the X Server. If useing kdm this couses a new X Server to
start - with a new login screen. The potential trojan is history.
AFAIK its not possible for X Clients to trigger this key-combo.

Second: The "network authentication" stuff is unnaccassery: if you telnet
to a host you get a _new_ login programm - this one can't be faked
by a user. For local logins one can use some ctrlaltdel SysV init
handler to terminate all programms connected to the aktive vc.
This would have the same effect as the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace stuff
in X11.

So long my 0.02 Euro,

- clifford

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Clifford Wolf (CEO and CTO)
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