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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 and egcs 1.1 was Re: Sorry, wrong gcc-version
> I don't like dual compiler setup's that's all in esp. if the C compiler
> one should use then is the inferior one. BTW. egcs is in my opinnion the
> more rapidly evolving and better of the two one. In fact one could argue
> that the gcc developement is quite on idle now.

You may have to in the future.
from :

One side effect of Bernd's work is that incorrect asms which explicitly
clobber a register that is also mentioned in the inputs/outputs for the
asm will always generate an error on all ports. This is going to cause
linux kernels to fail to build on x86 processors until the linux kernel
developers fix the asms in the linux kernel.

This is new in egcs, so i guess it wont be in 1.1.x but starting with
or whatever they'll call it egcs most likely wont compile the current
kernels at all.

> Marcin


PS sorry if this mail gets out twice, somethings going wrong with

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