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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 and egcs 1.1 was Re: Sorry, wrong gcc-version
On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, Philip Blundell wrote:

> >BTW. Linus and Alan are utterly wrong in theyr bashing of egcs. The single
> >one sufficient reason which gratifies the usage of egcs over gcc-2.7.x is:
> >Actually *usable* and standard adherent C++ support. (However there are
> >some other resons too). Therefore it's really a pitty that one can't use
> >the stable 2.0.xx with it...
> You don't have to use the same compiler for the kernel and user binaries. If
> you want to use EGCS for C++ then go right ahead. It will coexist with gcc
> 2.7.2 quite happily.

I don't like dual compiler setup's that's all in esp. if the C compiler
one should use then is the inferior one. BTW. egcs is in my opinnion the
more rapidly evolving and better of the two one. In fact one could argue
that the gcc developement is quite on idle now. And there are in fact at
least in general as many gcc bugs as there are currently egcs bugs you
notice if you don't do only kernel development, but general application
developement instead. It's only that the gcc bugs don't likely show up in
free/GNU code since over the years the authors adapted to them :-). But if
you are using code from other sources they jump into the eyes... EGCS
looks even in C much better in this respect now. However I would agree
that there where far more problems with the first release of it as there
are currently now.

This phenomenon is just for more evident on the kernel side. Which is the
single peace of code I saw wich is in fact very tightly coupled to the
most obscure features of the compiler.

And second please look at the far better support in egcs for the
architectures different to IA32! It seems that nearly anybody seems to use
there egcs instead of gcc (Richard Henderson rewrote for example nearly
the whole alpha code generator. David Miller did the same for Sparc HJ.
Lu is there and on and on and on!). It seems that only people whose names
never occured in the ChangeLogs (OK Linus himself did occure several years
ago:) are arguing about the gcc-2.7.2 beeing more stable then egcs...

PS. just my opinnion. But as I have allready stated it there are no
problems for me between egcs-1.1a and the current kernels...

In real life: System Programmer at AIS AXON GmbH

"That's why I get really pissed when people say that Linux was not
written by professional programmers. The Mona Lisa was not painted by
a professional painter!"

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