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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 and egcs 1.1 was Re: Sorry, wrong gcc-version
I don't quite understand the discussion here. I'm running the developement
kernels since even the first time of egcs (currently ver 1.1a) successfull
under it without any problems. However since I'm running a very
minimalistic kernel You can conclude from this that many of the bugs
reported about egcs are in fact bugs in the linux drivers which use here
and there some pieces of (incorrect) inline asm.

My second suspiction is that since there where some subtile changes to the
API in egcs and gcc-2.8 (struct returning for example). Most of the
problems with those compiler show mainly on systems which use components
compiled partly with one of them and partly with some of the erlier gcc

BTW. Linus and Alan are utterly wrong in theyr bashing of egcs. The single
one sufficient reason which gratifies the usage of egcs over gcc-2.7.x is:
Actually *usable* and standard adherent C++ support. (However there are
some other resons too). Therefore it's really a pitty that one can't use
the stable 2.0.xx with it...

In real life: System Programmer at AIS AXON GmbH

"That's why I get really pissed when people say that Linux was not
written by professional programmers. The Mona Lisa was not painted by
a professional painter!"

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