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SubjectRe: Linux (free s/w) support
In message <>, Ja
mes Mastros writes:
>> btw, I've yet to come across a kernel which required me to live with
>> "factory defaults".
>> Darren
>Umm... Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1x, Soloris, SunOS, HP-UX, and any
>other kernel that dosn't come with source. The features that you don't
>need/want and are disabled in your kernel config never eat cycles, memory,
>or disk space.

Under Solaris, you're free to remove kernel modules for things you don't
wish to have lying around. I made quite a tidy "Xkernel" configuration
using Solaris, by removing all kernel modules for things I didn't need.
No cycles were wasted, or memory, or disk space.

Moreover, under Solaris a ton of things are is tunable by things in
/etc/system, far more than under Linux. (okay, if you are intimate with
the source code you can change your kernel and recompile. Why do that
if you don't need to?) Solaris is far, FAR more user-friendly in tuning
the kernel than Linux. Add to that things like Virtual Adrian, which
_tell_ you how to retune your kernel to fix problems it detects, how can
you say that Linux is so much better here?


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