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SubjectRe: Linux (free s/w) support
Followup to:  <>
By author: Dave Barr <>
In newsgroup:
> Moreover, under Solaris a ton of things are is tunable by things in
> /etc/system, far more than under Linux. (okay, if you are intimate with
> the source code you can change your kernel and recompile. Why do that
> if you don't need to?) Solaris is far, FAR more user-friendly in tuning
> the kernel than Linux. Add to that things like Virtual Adrian, which
> _tell_ you how to retune your kernel to fix problems it detects, how can
> you say that Linux is so much better here?

Just one word: sysctl.

Tuning the system *while running*.

By the way, where is the Solaris /etc/system stuff documented? Last
year I searched for quite a while without finding any docs at all...

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