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SubjectRe: Linux (free s/w) support
Darren Reed wrote:

> Mmmm, I was waiting for someone to say that :)
> Just because a kernel doesn't come with source does not mean you
> cannot
> configure it and/or make it slimmer.
> I've tuned Solaris/SunOS/Ultrix & HP-UX kernels. I don't know too
> many
> people who live with a "genvmunix" ... probably the same number who
> live
> with the kernel that comes with RedHat, et al.
> Argueably, it is _easier_ to tune Solaris than any of the others,
> using
> /etc/system, which has some advantages and disadvantages over sysctl.
> Then there's ndd which is sort of sysctl just for networking bits.
> Can't really comment on Win95/WinNT, but through the various control
> panels,
> you can select what it attempts to start at boot. It's much more
> limited
> and I'm not sure how effective it is.
> Darren

sequent's Dynix/ptx sort of allows you to tune the kernel...

its got, like, a bunch of libraries, and then some extra files with the
tunable parameters, then you rerun some process (i havent actually done
this myself, just seen the parameter files) that remakes the kernel
(possibly just a bunch of linkings, with possibly a few compiling for
the header files).......


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