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Subject2.1.23: bug in kernel/module.c (patch included)

Hi Kernel Hackers -

I found a bug in 2.1.23 today that was giving me a null pointer oops any
time I tried to load a module after I loaded ipv6. I tracked it down to
some code in kernel/module.c that was traversing the symbol
list but incrementing a pointer twice. I imagine it was just an

It looks like the code only gets called when the symbol table for a module
is large, so it was only tickled by ipv6's symbols.

This bug may be present in earlier/other versions as well?

Here's the patch:

--- kernel/module.c.orig Mon Jan 27 09:18:04 1997
+++ kernel/module.c Mon Jan 27 14:32:59 1997
@@ -583,7 +583,7 @@

for (; i < mod->nsyms; ++i, ++s)
- space += strlen((++s)->name)+1;
+ space += strlen(s->name)+1;

if (put_user(space, ret))
return -EFAULT;

John Callahan <> |Assistant Director, Network Services
Willamette Integrated Technology Services|Willamette University, Salem, OR, USA
Phone: (503) 375-5495 Fax: (503) 375-5456|

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