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27 Jan 1997

[New] compile probs with 2.1.23Aaron Dewell
  Re: Small fixes for 2.1.23Ion Badulescu
[New] sound driver 3.5,4 and sound blaster"Ulrich Windl"
[New] 2.1.23 name space analysisKeith Owens
  Re: sound_calls.h and soundcard.c in 2.1.23Hannu Savolainen
  Re: stable kernel, when?Klaus Lichtenwalder
[New] Kernel routing table orderingRegis Duchesne
[New] linux-2.1.23. compile problem....Bruno Boettcher
  Re: Partially variable Password Files - is it possible ?!?Hugo Van den Berg
  Re: pcsndrv-1.0 & kernel >=2.1.21Steffen Grunewald
  Re: Small fixes for 2.1.23Linus Torvalds
[New] Re: Faster timers for Linux 2.1.22Alan Cox
[New] modutils-970118Flippie Spies
  Re: Interesting! Kernel question..Flippie Spies
[New] jump/alignment considerationsMark Hemment
[New] Can't locate module net-pf-4/5"B. James Phillippe"
  Re: stable kernel, when?David A Rusling
  Re: Controller trashes FS (what's new)Chris Evans
[New] undefined reference to `__stop___ksymtab', etc.Hannu Savolainen
[New] PPro write combining"Andrew Vanderstock"
[New] 2.1.23 rtc compile error(Pierfrancesco Caci)
[New] 2.1.23 mkiss error(Pierfrancesco Caci)
[New] Re: Faster timers for Linux 2.1.22 (patch included)Ingo Molnar
  Re: pcsndrv-1.0 & kernel >=2.1.21David Woodhouse
  Re: Quota exceeded...(Dale R. Worley)
[New] QM_INFO: No space left on deviceFlippie Spies
  Re: Controller trashes FS (what's new)Travis Woodbury
[New] Linux & MFCMark Lehrer
  Re: undefined reference to `__stop___ksymtab', etc.James Bottomley
[New] Re: PPro write combining"Kimon Berlin"
[New] Minor patch to sound drivers(Dale R. Worley)
  Re: Quota exceeded...Chris Evans
[New] Repeated crashes in 2.0.27/8 lately (incl. trace output).Jeff Uphoff
[New] Another select() patch (support for >256fds per process)Andi Kleen
  Re: Quota exceeded...Jon Lewis
  Re: undefined reference to `__stop___ksymtab', etc.Ion Badulescu
  Re: AHA1542 SCSI reset code still broken???Eric Youngdale
[New] Re: Too Much ARP-ing"A.N.Kuznetsov"
  2.1.21 BUG in net/ipv4/tcp_ipv4.cPedro Roque
  Re: Too Much ARP-ingMike Kilburn
  Re: This can freeze linux 2.0 on 486(Alan Cox)
  Re: 2.1.22 name space analysis"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
  Re: writev() inefficiency(Alan Cox)
  Re: 2.1.22 unneeded global symbols(Alan Cox)
  Re: Too Much ARP-ing"Richard B. Johnson"
  Re: Controller trashes FS (what's new)(Alan Cox)
[New] (resolved) Re: Can't locate module net-pf-4/5"B. James Phillippe"
  Re: writev() inefficiencyDean Gaudet
  Re: 2.1.22 unneeded global symbolsThomas Koenig
[New] Re: Too Much ARP-ing"Jason A. Garver"
  Re: Quota exceeded...Tim Wright
  Re: Controller trashes FS (what's new)Joerg Pommnitz
  Re: UMAX Vista-S6E SCSI Interface card"Michael K. Johnson"
  Re: More on the TCPv4 errors"B. James Phillippe"
[New] 2.0.28 GPFRafal Maszkowski
[New] 2.0.28 problems.....Tristan McCann
  Re: UMAX Vista-S6E SCSI Interface cardJay Thorne
  Re: 2.0.28 problems.....Jacques Gelinas
  Re: 2.1.22 name space analysisKeith Owens
  Re: Controller trashes FS (what's new)"Richard B. Johnson"
[New] pcmcia-2.9.1 and 2.1.x kernels"David M. Meyer"
  Re: Faster timers for Linux 2.1.22Keith Owens
[New] 2.1.23: bug in kernel/module.c (patch included)John Callahan
  Re: 2.0.28 GPF(Paul Seelig)
  Re: Buffering for serial consoles (was re: Quota exceeded...)Tim Wright
  Re: undefined reference to `__stop___ksymtab', etc.Richard Gooch
[New] This is sick....."Arthur D. Jerijian"
  Re: PPro write combining(Alan Cox)
  Re: 2.1.22 unneeded global symbols(Alan Cox)
  Re: Too Much ARP-ing(Alan Cox)
  Re: stable kernel, when?(Alan Cox)
  Re: stable kernel, when?(Alan Cox)
  Re: Good point of Linux over Windows NTTom Zerucha
[New] QUANTUM Firmware updates...Ricky Beam
  Re: Arp Table and RoutingTerry Dawson
  Re: Too Much ARP-ingBryn Paul Arnold Jones
  Re: 2.1.22 unneeded global symbols"Richard B. Johnson"
[New] 2.1.22/23 won't bootJohn Wyszynski
[New] Oops when cat /proc/ksyms (long bug report)Joerg Reuter
[New] Re: pcmcia-2.9.1 and 2.1.x kernelsTom Dyas
  Re: NT basically sucksMatthew Kramer
  Re: Async IONathan Bryant
  Re: Async IOGreg Alexander
[New] Interesting multitasking bug. aidas@ixsrs4 ...
[New] What's up??"Richard B. Johnson"
[New] problems ncrBSD v1.17 & kernel v.2.0.28Michael Boettger
  Re: Async IONathan Bryant
[New] Missing Symbol"Richard B. Johnson"
  Re: Faster timers for Linux 2.1.22"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
[New] Linux 2.1.23+Roel Lascano
  Re: NT basically sucksMichael Ballbach
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