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SubjectRe: SMP, Interrupts and RTLinux
"A month of sundays ago Alan Cox wrote:"
> > init_some_device();
> > while(device_registers->control & NOT_READY)
> > ;
> > situation is extremely legitimate and should not be changed because
> > our SMP has this peculiarity.

> Having talked to Victor Yodaiken at Usenix about real time Linux I don't
> plan to touch the IRQ code until the rtlinux code is in the kernel. The

I would like a temporary fix for 2.0.* asap (TM), please. Keyboards
are widely available and someone is going to attach one to a SMP
machine sometime soon ... ;-) without a fix I can't swear to scientific
computing guys that a linux smp machine is a good buy.

regards and keep up the good work!

Peter T. Breuer Phd. Ing.,
Area de Ingenieria Telematica E-mail:
Dpto. Ingenieria Tel: +34 1 624 99 47
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Fax: +34 1 624 94 30/65
Butarque 15, E-28911 Leganes URL:

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