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SubjectSNMP (WAS - Re: /proc filesystem code cleanup)
Rob Riggs wrote:
> On 27-Sep-96 "Andrew E. Mileski" wrote:
> >> I am working with on implementing /proc support on a driver and
> >> noticed that each subsystem seems to implement their interface to
> >> the proc code a bit differently. Only the SCSI devices seem to
> >> have any sort of uniform proc interface, but it is still very
> >> SCSI specific....

If the network drivers were standardized to use /proc/net/snmp for
monitoring with any SNMP manager. The CMU agent, modified by Juergen
Schoenwaelder, Erik Schoenfelder and friends for Linux, could then be
used to control things like the IP firewalling and such from the

I have used the tkined / scotty package for monitoring several
machines. It would be a boon for administrators to have control over
their servers.


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