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SubjectRe: NE2000 PCI clones patches: Vote!
On Thu, 12 Sep 1996, Philip Blundell wrote:

> On Thu, 12 Sep 1996, it was written:
> > I think that one of those two patch should be included in the 2.0.x kernel
> > since it didnt change the overall stability (both work great).
> > Andrew E.Mileski and Jacques share this opinion (the latest prefer the first
> > patch described :*), only Paul seem to be reluctant
> I agree with Paul. There is no pressing need to include this in 2.0.x -
> it's not a bug-fix, and as such it should wait for 2.1.

This is a bug. We are moving to a PCI only world very fast. PCI is no more
a luxury. PCI was made to auto-probe. THis has a drawback. TO use a ne2000
PCI adaptor, you have to plug an IO which may change anytime somebody
fiddle with your machine (add a device,"enhance" your bios settings,
exchange an adaptor).

2.0 will be there for a long time. I suspect that the price for PCI
ne2000 adaptor (which is already much lower than much less powerfull Brand
name ISA adaptor and by no small margin) will continue to fall and
you will find these adaptor everywhere. Paul's patch is really simple and
should go in. This is a bug!

> I'm not sure if I like "nbunit=" in general either.

Me too, even if it was my own patch :-)

Jacques Gelinas (
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