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SubjectRe: This is really Ridiculous
> How much does a typo in a commercial unix vendor's OS cost you?

A genuine bug in IRIX 5.3 cost me about 3 days' worth of work 2
weeks ago. Another IRIX bug, or perhaps simply misfeature, causes
my deconvolution program to run up to 30 times slower than usual,
depending on the input. I don't know of any typos in any commercial
UNIX OS, just bugs & features that end up hindering me.

Linux kernel typos generally cost me about
20 minutes to find a fix then the time it takes to do a partial
kernel compile. I admit, its a lot less, but its still a cost.
This cost is incurred by anyone compiling that kernel under a bad
configuration, assuming they try to fix it. Otherwise they just
lose the time they spent patching and partially compiling the kernel.

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