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SubjectRe: This is really Ridiculous
Brian Grunkemeyer wrote:

> Is this all that unreasonable? After all, I was hoping for an AUTOMATED way of

Yes, Very unreasonable. What would his power bill be just to turn on all the
equipment to have all the configurations in it.

Have you counted how many different network card options there are and how
many scsi controllers and ide controllers and different sound cards.
Then all the different CPU's not to mention completely different architectures
Then add in options to modularize or not, which how. what mix. That is
what the kernel list is for. But it is probably only still a sample of
the combinations that could be.

. I'm envisioning Linus finishing up a patch then running a script
> which trys compiling the kernel under all configurations, or at least some
> reasonably popular or demanding subset of them. After a few hours, there will
> be either a list of a few silly typos to fix, or a kernel that we can
> reasonably trust to be compilable in most if not all hardware configurations.
> It would take some time, but it would help out a lot in terms of reducing the
> number of patches out there and mail to both the kernel list and Linus himself.
> > Just learn some patience the stability will come as all the bugs are
> > flushed out on all(many many) hardware configurations.
> I'm perfectly aware that bugs will be flushed out over time, but if Linus can
> release patches without the silly little typos that prevent it from compiling,
> all the better. Does this suggestion offend you for some reason?

It offends me that it sounds like you aren't satisfied to get a chance to help
rather than trying to be a straw boss. Do you think Linus intends to release
things with typo's. Haven't you ever made a typo in a final draft. I was looking
over my Published MS thesis the other day and still found typo's And I certainly
wouldn't expect Linus to go thru that hell for every release.
What did it cost you to correct the typo?

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