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SubjectRe: This is really Ridiculous (I apologize!)

1. I am sincerely sorry for titleing my original post 'This is really
Ridiculous', I did not realize it would start a flame war over a number of
completely unrelated topics.

2. Instead of compiling every kernel (or trying to) the day it is posted,
I have now (after reading about changes made between 2.0.0 and 2.0.1) gone
back to using 2.0.0, it seems to work fine to me. The only place I saw a
noticeable difference (from the users point of view) was between
1.2.13-1.3.74 and 1.3.75 (?I think) with the whole caching thing.

3. What I would appreciate, however is information and patches to any
bugs found in 2.0.0?

4. I honestly don't think there is anything you can do about releasing
buggy kernels except to mark them as such.

5. Ultimately, all I am really interested in beyond what we already have
is working block encryption code so that we can have encrytped file
systems via the loopback device.

6. Please don't fight over rather the kernels are too buggy and such.
Your time would be better spent translating it to lisp.

7. All systems (except theoretical ones) have a finite lifetime, please
do not shorten the lifetime of Linux by arguing negligible points (unless,
ofcourse you have already implemented some other theoretical system).

8. I am not an expert at anything I did not create, I don't really know
anything about Linux, UNIX in general, English, programming or computing
systems. Therefore, you may, if you choose, completely disregard
everything I have just said unless you are deceived enough to believe that
I know anything. Furthermore, it is my firm belief that us mere mortals
can only approach by afar and possibly approximate the perfect operating
system, in fact, the concept of an operating may only be a convience for
our small thinking minds (much like the fact that floating point numbers
are unnecessary). More explicitly stated: Only God can create the perfect

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