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Subject1.99.11: keyboard dead

please ignore my previous post. I wrote, that 1.99.11 does not
show the keyboard-lock syndrom. wrong, it *does* show it. I didn't
recognise it, because it does not show up immediately, but requires some
time to appear (30 seconds ? 60 senconds ?). symptoms: unable to
switch VCs, pressing keys like CAPS, NUM and SCROLL-LOCK wont alter
the LEDs on the keyboard.

when I log in from another computer at home (I have built a test-LAN),
I can however "cat > /dev/tty1" and will see whatever I type on the
2nd computer.

It is also impossible to restart the console by terminating the process
that owns it (i.e. bash or agetty).

plugging in a different keyboard doesn't help either.

Herbert Rosmanith

NB: I'm going to install 1.99.11 on a different system to see if the
same symptoms will appear.

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