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Subject1.99.14: keyboard dead


1.99.14 still gives me a dead keyboard, that is, no VC switch, no LEDs
that flash on/off (pressing CAPS/NUM/..). however, I still can log in
from my LAN.

Emil sent me the following programm:

> I have got the same symptoms, though only when my GUS is playing any sound
> for a while. It looks like missed interrupt for me because reading a single
> character directly from keybord I/O returns it to life. It needn't to be
> your case but why not trying this when logged from another machine.
> This works for me:
> (*---------cut here---------*)
> #include <fcntl.h>
> int main()
> {
> int fd;
> unsigned char w;
> fd=open("/dev/port",O_RDONLY);
> if(fd<0) printf("Error 1");
> lseek(fd,0x60,0);
> read(fd,&w,1);
> close(fd);
> printf("value=%x\n",w);
> }
> (*--------cut here-----------*)

I started the program, and the keyboard remained dead. So, I started it
a couple of times, then the keyboard returned to live. typing "dmesg"
shows a "keyboard error".

asus ap4
2x16MB real
cpf1060s (scsi-disk)
seagate (for m$/dos only)
soundblaster sb16
ide-cdrom drive (on /dev/hdb)
ne2000 compatible

emil reported that the problem occurs when he starts his GUS soundcard.
maybe my sb16 is causing the problem ? I have sb16 support compiled in,
but (since I have put my boxes to a different place) I am not using it.
will disable the sb16 code and tell you if that fixes it.


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