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SubjectRe: Distributions with 2.0 yet?
>	I am using RedHat 3.0.3 with their 2.0.0 updates.
>Yes it works with some reservations. I have expressed some concern
>about a few nits that I have with them in my Why RedHat? discussion
>on this newsgroup.
> If you get RedHat on CD I believe their are about 10 Meg
>of updates to be applied. All the guidlines are on their Web page.
> Actually you have the errata sheet for the CD and then
>the updates for the 2.0.0 that probably both need to be applied. Note
>that some of the 2.0.0 updates replace some of the errata sheet fixes.
>Note all RedHat updates are complete. You only need the latest one.
>At least from my experience. See this web page

Judging from the contents of,
it looks as if RHS will release RHCL 3.0.4 RSN, with kernel 2.0.0 et al.

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