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SubjectRe: Distributions with 2.0 yet?
I talked to red hat on the phone a few days ago and they said
that they would NOT be releasing an official release until
august. Thats what they told me atleast.


On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Aaron Ucko wrote:

> > I am using RedHat 3.0.3 with their 2.0.0 updates.
> >Yes it works with some reservations. I have expressed some concern
> >about a few nits that I have with them in my Why RedHat? discussion
> >on this newsgroup.
> > If you get RedHat on CD I believe their are about 10 Meg
> >of updates to be applied. All the guidlines are on their Web page.
> >
> > Actually you have the errata sheet for the CD and then
> >the updates for the 2.0.0 that probably both need to be applied. Note
> >that some of the 2.0.0 updates replace some of the errata sheet fixes.
> >Note all RedHat updates are complete. You only need the latest one.
> >At least from my experience. See this web page
> >
> >
> Judging from the contents of,
> it looks as if RHS will release RHCL 3.0.4 RSN, with kernel 2.0.0 et al.
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