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SubjectRe: Drawbacks of implementing undelete entirely in user space
<BIG snip!>

Um, excuse me, but wouldn't it be a whole lot easier to have
adduser/useradd put an alias to a 'mv $* ~/.wastebasket' in users with GID
100 or $GID -gt 500 -o -eq 500 's .profile s, and leave the
administration, etc alone? Of course, a .wastebasket dir would have to be
created. A cron job could clear those directories every night or every
hour, depending on space constraints. I suppose I cast my vote for user
space. This just doesn't seem to be a system-level function, and it's
definitely something that varies in importance from system to system.
Oh, for those with free processor and tight disk, there's always gzip...

Justin Dossey
"The New York Times is read by the people who run the country. The
Washington Post is read by the people who think they run the country.
The National Enquirer is read by the people who think Elvis is alive
and running the country ..."
-- Robert J Woodhead

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