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SubjectRe: Drawbacks of implementing undelete entirely in user space
On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Justin Dossey wrote:
> Of course, a .wastebasket dir would have to be created.

hmm, a shell script:
for i in ~* /etc/skel; do
mkdir $i/.wastebasket

was that hard ? All current home directories now have a .wastebasket,
and so has /etc/skel/ (the util you use to create the new user account
should copy this into the new home dir).

> A cron job could clear those directories every night or every
> hour, depending on space constraints.

Ok, suppose I delete a file at 9:59:59, and want it back at 10:00:01 (ie
2 seconds later), it's gone. A better way to do it is something like
this (every 5 minuets):

find / -name '.wastebasket/*' -amin 60 -exec rm {} \;

It's a real pity that doesn't work :( it would if 'somefile', and
'.somefile' wern't treated differantly, but they are so .... (perhaps it
needs fixing)

> I suppose I cast my vote for user
> space. This just doesn't seem to be a system-level function, and it's
> definitely something that varies in importance from system to system.
> Oh, for those with free processor and tight disk, there's always gzip...
Hmm, maybe we need the ext2fs c bit fixing too ....
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