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SubjectRe: Undelete in user space
Johan_Myréen wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Jun 1996, Rogier Wolff wrote:
> > Undelete is a completely userspace implementable thing:
> > your libc's unlink call should be substituted by something that
> > renames the file to some /.wastebasket instead of simply
> > using the system's unlink system call.
> Doesn't anybody else think adding crud to the libc system call wrappers is
> a Bad Thing?
> If libc's unlink() function is changed as proposed it does not deserve to
> be in section 2 of the manual, and should be moved to unlink(3) and a line
> added to the BUGS section stating that there is no easy way to make the
> system call from a C program.

Linus' opinion on "what goes into the kernel and what doesn't" is
that what CAN be done in userspace, should go in userspace.

MOST users won't want this undelete stuff. If they DO, then they
should configure the extra libc-with-undelete.whatever.

That libc should also provide a symbol called for example
"real_unlink" to use the system call....


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