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SubjectGLOAT BLOAT (Was: Boot messages, Ideas for v2.1)
I'm not sure that I am completely satisfied with what everyone is saying.
Even on my 386/SX-16, Linux doesn't take nearly enough time to boot that
would allow me enough GLOAT time to watch the penguin throw the switch
and blow the clouds away. How about also allowing the animation be the
initial 5 minutes (or so) of the screen blackout. If the animation was
really good, the penguin could use all sorts of ACME (Wyle Coyote) like
things to keep those pesky clouds (roadrunner) away. Hmm. This could be
a real VRML thing... GLOAT BLOAT! That would be a far better "screen
saver" than most of the garbage I've seen under other environments.

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