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SubjectRe: GLOAT BLOAT (Was: Boot messages, Ideas for v2.1)
> Hi,
> I'm not sure that I am completely satisfied with what everyone is saying.
> Even on my 386/SX-16, Linux doesn't take nearly enough time to boot that
> would allow me enough GLOAT time to watch the penguin throw the switch
> and blow the clouds away. How about also allowing the animation be the
> initial 5 minutes (or so) of the screen blackout. If the animation was
> really good, the penguin could use all sorts of ACME (Wyle Coyote) like
> things to keep those pesky clouds (roadrunner) away. Hmm. This could be
> a real VRML thing... GLOAT BLOAT! That would be a far better "screen
> saver" than most of the garbage I've seen under other environments.
Along the same lines, any animation code that was enough to look
halfway decent would be so massive that there's no way we could ever hope to
fit it in the MBR, so it would have to either go in the kernel or in the init
scripts, adding it to the kernel would be yet another case of kernel bloat,
(my kernel's already 460K, I don't want it any bigger!)... The init scripts
thing would not add any kernel bloat, but would almost be self-defeating in
the reasoning that by the time you hit the rc scripts it would only be
displayed (basically) during fsck'ing, if necessary, which an animation
would just slow down the fsck'ing even further... I think the best bet is a
simple graphic displayed in low-res MVGA mode from lilo, and then perhaps
go with the screen saver concept as in installable option, (I personally
enjoy just my nice blank screen)... Just my $0.03 though... :->


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