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SubjectRe: Century Linux!
> Date:          Fri, 10 May 1996 12:52:24 +0300 (EET DST)
> From: Linus Torvalds <>
> Reply-to: Linus Torvalds <>
> Subject: Century Linux!
> To:,

> Ooohh..
> Aaahhh...
> Wow!
> The 1.3.100 kernel is out there, go and get it. People who thought I couldn't
> count that high and would overflow to 2.0 were mistaken - there is still
> roughly 10 days to go until that particular deadline..
> 1.3.100 does:
> - Java support. No, I don't care much for this either (and it's not as if I
> had tested it), but it's good for marketing reasons. You can answer N to the
> question about it and you'll never see it, but on the other hand you can
> show it off to your friends if you want to.. And the loader is small and
> clean, so it's not as if we're doing hacks here..
> - minor floppy/ide-cd/ide driver updates (ide irq sharing was broken in 98/99)
> - more sanity checks in the random driver
> - msbusmouse can change the irq (whee)
> - IN2000 cleanups (remove old 1.2.x compilation compatibility code etc)
> - fat filesystem update (should work with loopback and 1kB sector disks again)
> - Silly ARP buglet fix (thanks Alan)
> Go out and spread the message of joy,
> Linus
> PS. There's a pretty nifty penguin out there: check out my current favourite on

Hello All:

Just a small math notation:
1.3.100 is 1.3.1
Do you mean we have 1.4.00, Or do you like to keep the count
untill 1.3.999 which we or you (pardon my terms !?;-)) reach roughly
about 450 weeks, if you do two increment a week.

Keep up the good work.
Note: this is my $0.020000

Iam not an accountant, nor a bean counter.

my signature file is abducted by UFO

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