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13 May 1996

  Re: 1.3.99 breaks loopback device?(Alan Cox)
[New](News Sklave)
  Re: alias wanted for binfmt_java(Bjorn Ekwall)
  Re: /proc/cflags [PATCH] [take two] Was: animal names(Alan Cox)
[New] [oops] cmd640 support broken in 1.3.100, 1.99.1"Robert R. Collier"
  Re: Century Linux!(Alan Cox)
[New] Whoops(Mr A.M. Kruczkowski)
  Re: Fixed paths in the kernel?(Alan Cox)
[New] Kerneld woes(Mr A.M. Kruczkowski)
  Re: Linux Logo prototype. (fwd)(Alan Cox)
  Re: Linux logo(Alan Cox)
  Re: Linux logo(Alan Cox)
  Re: ideaslilo
  Re: Kernels - What's in and what's out.(Alan Cox)
  Re: wish list(Alan Cox)
[New] CD-ROM Driver mcdx 2.2 OKMatthias Suencksen
[New] UFS improvementsGordon Chaffee
[New] Re: mutex syscall patch, questions about clone and its possible bugsJakub Jelinek
  Re: kerneld and dosemu-0.60.4(Bjorn Ekwall)
[New] Linux logo...a thought?Allanah Myles
[New] Nettools 1.3.6b5 and 1.99.2Ross Alexander
[New] minor numbers for cycladesHerbert Rosmanith
[New] More Patches v pre2#2 and showstopper list for 2.0(Alan Cox)
[New] Modules, kerneld and persistent storage(Bjorn Ekwall)
[New] Re: Java in OS? - [DONE!]Hasdi R Hashim
  Re: Question Re: PPP speedCerberus
[New] A little pre-2.0 inputJoe Fouche
  Re: Century Linux!Michael Stiller
  pre2.0.2?!?!"Tracy R. Reed"
  Re: Why touch the CMOS clock?Herbert Rosmanith
  Re: linux pinguin logo"Larry 'Daffy' Daffner"
  Re: Kerneld woes(Bjorn Ekwall)
[New] Re: Century Linux!"fayez"
  Re: LyX: A great word processor/Was Re: Linux logoDarren J Moffat
[New]Alex Gitelman
  Re: 1.3.100 Oops, kerneld/isofs module ?Herbert Rosmanith
[New] kerneld module unloading timingAaron Ucko
[New] Tcp problems (with solaris)Giles Douglas
[New] CONFIG_RANDOM option for 1.99.2Paul Gortmaker
  Re: Century Linux!Roman Gollent
[New] 1.3.100: My notes, as usualUlrich Windl
[New] Heres how to reduce kernel source sizeJim Nance
  Re: Why touch the CMOS clock?(Bernd Eckenfels)
  Re: Kernel upgrades without rebooting :-)Adam
[New] pre 2.02Alex Gitelman
  Re: LyX: A great word processor/Was Re: Linux logoroot
[New] Obscure config options: need help for Boldt)
  Re: Linux Logo prototype."Tracy R. Reed"
  Re: your mailKevin Lentin
  Re: c++ question...Lawrence Chim
[New] Kernel README file and version numbers [email protected] ...
[New] CFLAGs for kernel compilation(Greg Hartzog)
  Re: no swap partition bigger than 16MB [YAP]"David S. Miller"
  Re: c++ question...Laszlo Vecsey
  Re: ideasRAMPOD SW Development
  Re: BAD CPU --> SIG11"Jeff Coy Jr."
[New] Re: 1.3.100: My notes, as usual"Ulrich Windl"
  Re: Linux LogoAndrew Tridgell
  Re: Linux96? Linux97! :)Kevin Lentin
[New] struct sysinfo -- incomplete?"Ulrich Windl"
  Re: CenturyIan main
[New] Re: Java and the FSSTND"Ulrich Windl"
[New] Linux mascot : Penguins out, Ferrets in! Japanese animation style!Dan Hollis
[New] Updated /proc/animal patch for Greased Platypus doing Prozac (thi ...lilo
[New] 2.0pre2 patch #2Alan Cox
  Re: Question Re: PPP speedAlan Cox
[New] linux/scripts/patch-kernel needs patch after 1.3.100(Andreas Koppenhoefer)
  Re: Question Re: PPP speedJon Tombs
[New] Linux Penguin LogoSebastian Benoit
  Re: your mailAlan Cox
[New] Linux logoEefje
[New] Oops in 1.99.1(Boris Tobotras)
  Re: Linux logoMatthias Urlichs
  Re: G++ BUGRohan LENARD
  Re: 'nodev proc'Florian Weimer
  Re: wish listMarek Michalkiewicz
[New] Re: linux pinguin logoHasdi R Hashim
[New] Linux logo(Joerg Moellenkamp)
  Re: pre2.0.2?!?!Johan Myréen
[New] multiple default routes bug/featureDavid Monro
  Re: kerneld and dosemu-0.60.4Hans Lermen
  SCSI tape and tarJoe Ragland
  Re: mutex syscall patch, questions about clone and its possible bugsMiguel de Icaza
[New] oops in pre2.0.2Robin Cutshaw
  Re: /proc/cflags [PATCH] [take two] Was: animal namesShinanyaku
[New] kernel: kill_fasync: bad magic number in fasync_struct!Daniel Kroening
  Re: CONFIG_RANDOM option for 1.99.2"Theodore Ts'o"
  Tcp problems (with solaris)Pedro Roque Marques
[New] 1.99.3 (pre2.0.3) ooopsDavid Flood
[New] Testers wanted: Parallelport EnhancementsUwe Bonnes
  Re: NO core dumpShinanyaku
  Re: 1.3.x and sendmail...Shinanyaku
[New] booting linuxAwuku Danso
[New] Linux-1.99 (pre2.0.x)"Ulrich Windl"
[New] [Fwd: Logo]Russell Berry
[New] Pre 2.0.3 defeats syslogd 1.3Steven L Baur
[New] fast_IRQ##_interrupt() Question(s)Ingo Molnar
  Re: Java and the FSSTND"Corey Brenner"
[New] Some more pre-2.0 inputHartmut Niemann
[New] Console screwed up - was: Re: Kernels -in and outHartmut Niemann
[New] Re: Socket Destroy Delayed _Still_ Occur in 1.3.97"Dirk Traenapp"
  Re: Penguin as mascotJauder Ho
  Re: Obscure config options: need help for Configure.helpAlan Cox
  Re: strange load average(Thomas König)
[New] pre2.0.3 oopsAri Koivisto
  Re: CONFIG_RANDOM option for 1.99.2Johan Myréen
[New] Re: Java binary format supportHasdi R Hashim
  Re: Problem with RootNFSMiguel de Icaza
[New] Re: Why touch the CMOS clock?"Ulrich Windl"
[New] pre2.0.3 oopsJason Duerstock
  Re: Linux96? Linux97! :)Craig Milo Rogers
  Re: Why touch the CMOS clock?(Bernd Eckenfels)
[New] Networking Status pre #2(Alan Cox)
[New] Second patch set(Alan Cox)
  Re: Century Linux!Herbert Rosmanith
[New] GPF in 1.99.3Ralph Loader
[New] Re: On the topic of noisy drivers...David A Willmore
  Re: Java and the FSSTNDRobert de Bath
[New] pre-2.0.3 error"Daniel A. Taylor"
[New] GP in pre2.0.3(Alexander Sanda)
[New] New penguin - line logo"Carlo E. Prelz"
[New] PATCH: spelling fix for 1.99.3Joe Fouche
  Re: Penguin as mascotMiguel de Icaza
  Re: 1.99.3 (pre2.0.3) ooopsLinus Torvalds
[New] Re: FIFO and tty programming details? [email protected] ...
  Re: Console screwed up - was: Re: Kernels -in and outZefram
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