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SubjectRe: Bad 1.3.95 interactive performance (fwd)

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Terje Bergstrom wrote:

> > I am not claiming that ncrB2L has no bugs, and that your problem is not
> > due to the driver.
> > However, I use X, gcc, etc.. on 2 machines that I switch off only once a
> > week and I never saw your problem.
> > It seems (no reply) that nobody else has had the same problem as yours.
> >
> > Can you send to me (us) the description of your hardware configuration.
> I seem to have exactly the same problem as Matthias. I didn't realize it
> before I read Matthias' post and decided to try going back to Drew's
> driver. Here's what I noticed:
> On lightly loaded machine ncrB2L and Drew's drivers perform exactly the
> same. When I started using X and use constantly around 10MB swap (16MB
> memory), my system's performance went down greatly. I thought it was just
> because of having too little memory and too many memory-hungry programs.
> So I tried switching back to Drew's driver and lo, my system became a lot
> more usable. Swapping stuff in and out is a lot faster and the disk seems
> to make a lot less noice, i.e. it's not in use that much. I'd be happy to
> do some further testing if told what to test. This is just what I noticed.
> My hardware:
> Amd486DX4/100, 128kB L2 cache, MG motherboard, 16MB memory
> Noname-NCR810 board with Conner CFA540S attached to it (10MHz sync transfer)
> Linux versions 1.3.92-97.
> If there's something vital missing, just ask.

It is possible to set ncrB2L in the same configuration as the standard

1 - use ncrBsd2Linux-1.8 or 1.9
2 - do not enable tagged command queueing (do not run: scsitag /dev/sda)
3 - edit ncr53c8xx.h and apply the following change:

- #define SCSI_NCR_SEGMENT_SIZE (512)
+ /* #define SCSI_NCR_SEGMENT_SIZE (512) */

4 - If you want to disable Scsi 2 features for all devices,
apply the following change to ncr53c8xx.h:

- #define INQ7_Default INQ7_Perfect
+ #define INQ7_Default INQ7_Scsi1Like

5 - If you want to not allow disconnections by targets,
Add the followind definition to ncr53c8xx.h
(can be -DNCR_NO_DISCONNECT from gcc):


Be aware about the following:
- With tagged queue, disconnections by target is mandatory.
- You may get some REJECT messages if your drive start some
negotiation and Scsi-2 features are disabled. I think they are harmless.

If you set up the both drivers in the same configuration, you must have
the same behaviour for your system.
Prior to deciding to adapt Bsd driver, I had worked on the standard
driver rel 11. I know where are the differences.

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Gerard.

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