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SubjectRe: Bad 1.3.95 interactive performance (fwd)
> I am not claiming that ncrB2L has no bugs, and that your problem is not 
> due to the driver.
> However, I use X, gcc, etc.. on 2 machines that I switch off only once a
> week and I never saw your problem.
> It seems (no reply) that nobody else has had the same problem as yours.
> Can you send to me (us) the description of your hardware configuration.

I seem to have exactly the same problem as Matthias. I didn't realize it
before I read Matthias' post and decided to try going back to Drew's
driver. Here's what I noticed:

On lightly loaded machine ncrB2L and Drew's drivers perform exactly the
same. When I started using X and use constantly around 10MB swap (16MB
memory), my system's performance went down greatly. I thought it was just
because of having too little memory and too many memory-hungry programs.

So I tried switching back to Drew's driver and lo, my system became a lot
more usable. Swapping stuff in and out is a lot faster and the disk seems
to make a lot less noice, i.e. it's not in use that much. I'd be happy to
do some further testing if told what to test. This is just what I noticed.

My hardware:

Amd486DX4/100, 128kB L2 cache, MG motherboard, 16MB memory
Noname-NCR810 board with Conner CFA540S attached to it (10MHz sync transfer)

Linux versions 1.3.92-97.

If there's something vital missing, just ask.


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