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SubjectTCPv4 errors?
I have noticed the following error showing up in the log file lately.  I
have seen it with 2.1.[17,18] for sure and possibly before them as well.
It has only happend sporadicaclly and is not something that I think I can
repeat predictably. There is usually 100's of copies of the error in the
messages log file, too.

Dec 29 16:11:53 bridger kernel: TCPv4 bad checksum from 51fe0298:d221 to
3228a3cd:0426, len=730/730/750

Any thoughts?


Mike Wangsmo, Graduate Student Montana State
University 602 Peter Koch (406) 586-0690
Bozeman, MT 59715

"May the Force be with you, always"

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