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SubjectRe: TCPv4 errors?
On Mon, 30 Dec 1996, Richard B. Johnson wrote:


> Given this, I suspect that the error messages are ___PREFECTLY_NORMAL___,
> considering the junk that we are forced to purchase. The best Ethernet
> card I have found was a 3COM 3C509. It isn't very fast but at least the
> interface timing is correct. Some of the alleged 100 mb/s cards, i.e.,
> more modern boards are terrible.
> But... If one out of every 100 packets is errored due to poor interface
> timing, that's 99% efficiency. If the board is a few percent faster, in
> spite of its errors, the result might be a performance gain. This presumes
> that the packet that has to be retransmitted comes from a compliant
> IP interface that correctly keeps track of the packets. Some don't, so
> you get a whole bunch of duplicates that have to be ACKed and thrown away.

I don't have any ethernet cards installed in my box. These errors are
from my ppp stuff and have only just recently started happening, ie after

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Montana State University
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