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SubjectTwo 3COM Etherlink III netcards in one box

I tried to put two 3com netcards in one box (to make it act as a router)
but I couldn't get it to initialise the second one. Both works fine alone
and I made sure there wasn't any conflicts. I use the module version of
the driver specifying both base address and irq with insmod (also tried
/etc/conf.modules with depmod).

I had to give up and replace one of the 3com cards with a NE2000
compatible netcard :-(.

But I still want to know if someone can point out what I was missing
becouse I might do more Linux router boxes in the future with up to 4 100
mbit netcards, and then I won't be able to use different netcards.

PS. I am using the newest stable kernel.


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