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SubjectRe: Two 3COM Etherlink III netcards in one box

On Thu, 26 Dec 1996, Bryn Paul Arnold Jones wrote:

> > I tried to put two 3com netcards in one box (to make it act as a router)
> > but I couldn't get it to initialise the second one. Both works fine alone
> > and I made sure there wasn't any conflicts. I use the module version of
> > the driver specifying both base address and irq with insmod (also tried
> > /etc/conf.modules with depmod).
> >
> Ok, exactly which driver is that (3c5??), and what did you tell the module
> ?

3c509.o with kernel 2.0.27.

> Was it something like:
> insmod 3c5whichever.o io=0x0230,0x0240 irq=5,6

That gives me one interface on 230h. There is no trace of the one at 240h.

> where card one is at io 0x0230, and irq 5; and the other is at 0x0240, and
> irq 6 (I don't know if all modules can accept multiple values, or the
> leading zero after the "0x", but ideally they should). If that dosn't
> work, you can always use the -o parameter to insmod to allow multiple
> instances of the driver, like so:
> insmod 3c5whichever.o io=0x0230 irq=5 -o some_significant_name
> insmod 3c5whichever.o io=0x0240 irq=6 -o some_other_significant_name

The second insmod fails with "Initialization of
some_other_significant_name failed". After that there is no way to get in
touch with the second 3com. Even if I unload the first driver, the second
one fails. I can still reload the first driver again. And if I reboot the
system and load the second card first, its the first card that disappears.


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