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SubjectRe: ldconfig wrote:
> I found another bug with ldconfig v1.8.5. It seems that when you link some
> libraries (or try to redo the cache file), it outputs the following:
> =>
> This, of course, is completely wrong. It should output:
> =>
> (This is just an example, its actually occuring with this and other libraries
> in the form .so.3.x and .so.2.x too.) That means, the "major version" link
> never gets created and loaded in the cache, and programs that are looking for
> that "major version" link can't load the library, and fail to run.
> Any ideas?

I reported this on linux-gcc-dev last month and saw zero response. I
was unable to use an application which required I can't
recall the specifics, but it was a similar problem to the one you relate
above; ldconfig just refused to create a workable association in the
library cache. The only workaround was to back off my version of
ldconfig to the one from the 1.7.x binutils. Just about drove me nuts
diagnosing it..


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