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SubjectRe: ldconfig

Andrew Pollard writes:
>On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, Jon Lewis wrote:
>> On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Eric Horst wrote:
>>> i believe that it wants the 'e' on the end removed. i'm betting that it
>>> is inconsistent in that it doesn't follow the standard lib*.so.#.#.# form.
>>> /sbin/ldconfig: warning: /usr/lib/ has inconsistent
>>> soname (, skipping
>> No...the problem seems to be that we're calling the library a totally
>> different version from what it calls itself. Strings on the lib shows
>> that it wants to be as ldconfig complains. I tried
>> removing the e anyway, and it still bitched about the inconsistant soname.
>> The ELF-howto mentions this and says to ignore the error. It seems hard
>> to do.
>I had this on my system... I had links from .so.1.9, .so.2.1, .so.3.0
>to .so.1.9.9e (which was the actual file). I just changed the actual
>file to be .so.3.0 and re did the links. This got rid of the warning
>:-) It happened with all the ncurses-1.9.9e libraries...

I found another bug with ldconfig v1.8.5. It seems that when you link some
libraries (or try to redo the cache file), it outputs the following: =>

This, of course, is completely wrong. It should output: =>

(This is just an example, its actually occuring with this and other libraries
in the form .so.3.x and .so.2.x too.) That means, the "major version" link
never gets created and loaded in the cache, and programs that are looking for
that "major version" link can't load the library, and fail to run.

Any ideas?


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