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SubjectRe: Problems with new system

Likens" at Nov 12, 96 02:17:35 pm
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Scott Likens was overheard whispering ...
# > I'll try to make this quick ...
# >
# > Brand new box, P100,16MB EDO, tried to boot from my linux floppies
# > (boot+root on one disk), after "Compressed image found at 400" I get a
# >
# > Invalid compression format (err=2)<4>VFS: Insert root floppy ...
# >
# How about Changing DISKS? i gotta be honest but if it's being found at
# 400, either Gunzip the disk and rawrite it, or leave it gzipped, try
# that.. heh

Tried that ... and I even swapped out the floppy drive of the system
that made the disk into my new box.

What it was, that I finally found, was PCI Support. I disabled it in
the kernel and all's well...

The motherboard is a piece of shit... it's performance was way below
spec and generally just crappy. Since it wasn't the one I ordered,
I've returned it and placed an order for a Asus P55T2P4.

The Moral of the story ...


If you want more detail on their MAIL FRAUD ... let me know ..
Nicholas J. Leon
"Elegance through Simplicity"

SF/F Reading Suggestion #2: Black Sun Rising

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