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    SubjectRe: TTY speedup patch/Menuconfig speed??
    In <> "William E. Roadcap" <> writes:

    >One of my pet gripes with ncurses is that it insists on clearing the
    >screen each time it is initialized, which is everytime Menuconfig runs
    >lxdialog to draw a new menu (yuk!). The result is SLOW. I don't know how
    >to get around this without recoding Menuconfig entirely in C, which I
    >don't want to do.

    This is the result of the rmcup entry in terminfo. For some reason the
    behaviour of this is to save a copy of the screen as well as that
    annoying clearing effect. This is why after using less compiled with
    ncurses, when you quit less the file you were viewing disappears and you
    see the command line screen you were in before you ran less. I hate this
    so I delete the rmcup (and the corresponding te in termcap) from every
    machine I work on. I have never found anyone who prefered the default
    behavior. I've been doing this for several years and never found the
    absence of rmcup (or te) to adversely affect any program I've used.

    While I doubt we can get rid of rmcup on all the linux installations out
    there, you could put a note in the menuconfig docs suggesting it if
    people find it annoying.

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