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Subjectftape/floppy interaction 2.0.22
There definitely seem's to be some interaction between the
ftape and floppy devices (kernel 2.0.22, both drivers compiled in):

The first attempt to use /dev/fd0 after using the (non-rewinding)
tape device gives an I/O error when trying to access the hardware.

If I eject the floppy and try again, it is then ok.

It appears to be the automatic media detection that's wrong,
because accesses to /dev/fd0H1440 work fine, even when /dev/fd0
gives errors. And, having used /dev/fd0H1440, /dev/fd0 is fixed.

My tape device is a Colorado Jumbo 250, and the floppy is a
standard 3.5" unit.

Peter Fox

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