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22 Oct 1996

[New] Re: NTP/PPS news"Ulrich Windl"
[New] cdu31a.c patch in 2.0.23 and 2.1.5Chris Buchanan
  Re: Problems with Adaptec 2940 as a moduleHubert Mantel
  Re: 2.1.5--doesn't umount on shutdown"Zephaniah E. Hull"
  Re: 3COM 3c905TX Support?Matti Aarnio
  Re: Problems with Adaptec 2940 as a moduleMichael Neuffer
[New] hd.c in 2.1.5Trevor Johnson
[New] Linux 2.0.x with IP aliasing ? Help!Jean-Marc Libs
  Re: cdu31a.c patch in 2.0.23 and 2.1.5Corey Minyard
[New] scsi.c patch to allow resets at boot time. Dario_Ballabio@milano ...
[New] Question about 2.1.0Ronnie Sanford
[New] Partition problemsBrime
[New] binfmts ... nivoit_jea@lsi ...
[New] Re: binfmts ... nivoit_jea@lsi ...
  Re: Bandwidth limits??Wayne Schlitt
  Re: BusLogic FlashPoints and Red Hat Linux 4.0..."Michael K. Johnson"
[New] SUMMARY: Kernel panic : VFS : unable to mount root fr on 03:05(Stephane Legrand)
  Re: Definitive Cyrix patchMike Jagdis
[New] fixed or forbidden register spilled(Bob Tracy - TDS)
[New] kernel NULL ptr dereference in drivers/char/tty_io.c:do_SAK()Sam Mortimer
[New] memory detection and bios rdm@tad ...
[New] Odd symlink behavourJames Hughes
  Re: Problems with Adaptec 2940 as a module"Leonard N. Zubkoff"
  Re: Problems with Adaptec 2940 as a module"Leonard N. Zubkoff"
  Fix for include/asm-i386/elf.h in 2.1.5 (was Re: 2.5.1 asm/elf.h)Luca Lizzeri
[New] Re: scsi.c patch to allow resets at boot time."Leonard N. Zubkoff"
  Re: Bandwidth limits??Jon Tombs
  Re: memory detection and biosJon Tombs
[New] Bad/Broken network behaviorRicky Beam
  Re: 2.1 problemsMarco Ghidinelli
  Re: telnet broke?Jared Mauch
[New] AMD P5 CPU - patch needed(Danny ter Haar)
[New] RE: z-Re: memory detection and bios"Ray Van Tassle-CRV004"
  Re: Odd symlink behavour"Michael J. Micek"
  Re: memory detection and biosMichel LESPINASSE
  Re: telnet broke?"Michael K. Johnson"
  Re: Odd symlink behavourJames Hughes
[New] rectification (was: Compile problem with 2.0.23 / gcc- Wood
[New] Majordomo results: subscribe Majordomo@vger ...
  Re: binfmts ...Matthias Urlichs
[New] Re: patmgr.c in sound driver for 2.1.5Hannu Savolainen
[New] FPU Emulator broken in 2.1.5Brian Blackmore
[New] kernel oops in 2.0.23Michael Meskes
[New] Aiee messageMichael Meskes
[New] Patches to 2.1.5Michael Meskes
  Re: Odd symlink behavourMatthias Urlichs
  Re: kernel oops in 2.0.23Jon Lewis
[New] 2.1.5: Two freeze-ups (same) in 48hoursGreg Patterson
[New] z-Re: memory detection and bios"Peter P. Eiserloh"
  Re: Bandwidth limits??Wayne Schlitt
[New] Re: insmod.c patch for 2.1.xRay Auchterlounie
[New] nfs umount cores JRPerkins@aol ...
[New] Re: Problems with Adaptec 2940 as a moduleMatthias Sattler
  Re: patches from 2.0.x to 2.1.xBradley Ward Allen
  Re: Odd symlink behavour"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
[New] port to i960"Furquan A. Ansari"
[New] Re: undiskmanager a disk?(Robert Nichols)
[New] Memory upgrade causes slowdown; why?Shawn Rutledge
[New] linux-2.0.23 compile error (aic7xxx.c)Joseph Y Chen
  Re: Odd symlink behavourAndras Pataki
[New] ftape/floppy interaction 2.0.22Peter Fox
[New] nuke?Zachary Maas
  Re: linux-2.0.23 compile error (aic7xxx.c)Jared Mauch
  Re: Memory upgrade causes slowdown; why?Mark Levitt
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