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Subject[PATCH 0/6 v4] memcg: page cgroup diet

Here is v4. I removed RFC and fixed a fatal bug in v3.

This patch series is a preparetion for removing page_cgroup->flags. To remove
it, we need to reduce flags on page_cgroup. In this set, PCG_MOVE_LOCK and
PCG_FILE_MAPPED are remvoed.

After this, we only have 3 bits.
enum {
/* flags for mem_cgroup */
PCG_LOCK, /* Lock for pc->mem_cgroup and following bits. */
PCG_USED, /* this object is in use. */
PCG_MIGRATION, /* under page migration */

I'll make a try to merge this 3bits to lower 3bits of pointer to
memcg. Then, we can make page_cgroup 8(4)bytes per page.

Major changes since v3 are
- replaced move_lock_page_cgroup() with move_lock_mem_cgroup().
passes pointer to memcg rather than page_cgroup.

Working on linux-next feb13 and passed several tests.


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