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    Subject[PATCH 0/8] PCI run-time PM support (rev. 4)

    The following (updated) series of patches provides basic run-time power
    management support for PCI devices through ACPI and/or the native PCIe

    Patches [1/8] and [3/8] are unchanged, the other patches have been modified to
    address the reviewers' comments and/or to fix reported bugs.

    [1/8] - Add function for checking PME status of devices

    [2/8][Updated] - PCIe PME root port service driver

    [3/8] - "Don't use MSIs for PME signaling" switch for PCIe

    [4/8][New] - ACPI GPE refcounting, based on 3 patches from Matthew Garrett

    [5/8][Updated] - ACPI, add fields for handling run-wake devices

    [6/8][New] - ACPI, make it possible to use more than 1 notify handler per node

    [7/8][Updated] - PCI / ACPI platform support for run-time power management

    [8/8] - Runtime PM callbacks for the PCI bus type

    Bob, Len, patches [4/8] and [6/8] are vitally important for this feature, but
    they cannot be merged without your approval. Please let me know if you have
    any objections to these patches.


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