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    SubjectRe: [RFC/PATCH 3/3] mfd: twl4030-irq: implement bus_*lock
    On Tue, Dec 28, 2010 at 07:14:19PM +0200, Felipe Balbi wrote:

    > +static void twl4030_sih_bus_sync_unlock(unsigned int irq)
    > +{
    > + struct sih_agent *agent = get_irq_chip_data(irq);
    > +
    > + mutex_unlock(&agent->irq_lock);
    > +}

    I suspect you need to do some sort of sync with the hardware here - the
    _sync bit of the name comes from the fact that the mask and unmask stuff
    is still called with IRQs disabled and so can't touch and I2C chip, this
    is called after reenabling them give a chance for the updates done to
    be reflected in the hardware. The implementation everyone else has done
    is to update a register cache in the other functions then write that
    out here before dropping the mutex.

    > static struct irq_chip twl4030_sih_irq_chip = {
    > .name = "twl4030",
    > .mask = twl4030_sih_mask,
    > .unmask = twl4030_sih_unmask,
    > .set_type = twl4030_sih_set_type,
    > + .bus_lock = twl4030_sih_bus_lock,
    > + .bus_sync_unlock = twl4030_sih_bus_sync_unlock,
    > };

    I just realised that this collides with the conversion to the irq_
    versions that has been done on the driver in -next by either myself or
    Lennart (we both submitted essentially the same patches and a couple of
    his went in) - that was a purely mechanical conversion that didn't
    address any of the issues this patch addresses but they're touching the
    same code.

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