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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.29

    On Tue, 24 Mar 2009, Theodore Tso wrote:
    > With ext2 after a system crash you need to run fsck. With ext4, fsck
    > isn't an issue,

    Bah. A corrupt filesystem is a corrupt filesystem. Whether you have to
    fsck it or not should be a secondary concern.

    I personally find silent corruption to be _worse_ than the non-silent one.
    At least if there's some program that says "oops, your inode so-and-so
    seems to be scrogged" that's better than just silently having bad data in

    Of course, never having bad data _nor_ needing fsck is clearly optimal.
    data=ordered gets pretty close (and data=journal is unacceptable for
    performance reasons).

    But I really don't understand filesystem people who think that "fsck" is
    the important part, regardless of whether the data is valid or not. That's
    just stupid and _obviously_ bogus.


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