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    SubjectRe: Proposal: change keycode for scancode e0 32 from 150 to 172
    H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > Hans de Goede wrote:
    >> In order to be able to better test / develop this I've bought 2 cheap
    >> such keyboards today, one ps2 and one both usb and ps2 capable.
    >> When comparing usb vs ps2 / testing the keycodes generated for the easy
    >> access
    >> keys on my trust (microsoft compatible) keyboard. I noticed the homepage
    >> key sends keycode 150 with ps2 and 172 with USB, or for those who don't
    >> know the keycodes by head with ps2 it sends KEY_WWW and with usb it
    >> sends KEY_HOMEPAGE
    > I just tested this using Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro, which is a
    > dual-mode (USB-PS/2) keyboard.
    > This key is labelled Web/Home and has a picture of a house on the keycap.
    > In PS/2 mode it reports E0 32 which gets converted to keycode 150.
    > In USB mode it reports E0 02 which gets converted to keycode 172.

    Thanks, that confirms that the ps/2 translation (which assumes a microsoft or
    compatible keyboard) is wrong.

    > I don't know if it's the keyboard itself that's being inconsistent, or
    > if it is the table in usbkbd.c that's broken (in which case it should be
    > fixed to be consistent with the keyboard in PS/2 mode.)

    See below.

    >> I personally believe that the usb behaviour is correct and that the ps/2
    >> code should be modified to match for consistency. The ps/2 scancode to
    >> keycode mapping is set up to handle easy access / internet keys for
    >> microsoft compatible keyboards. So what is the right code to send here,
    >> tricky, see:
    >> The logo on the key is a homepage logo, the text below is www/homepage.
    >> So what to send? I believe that for consistency with the usb codes send
    >> it should be KEY_HOMEPAGE, but thats based on a sample of 1 usb
    >> keyboard. Input on what other usb keyboards send for the key with the
    >> homepage iocn is very much welcome.
    > You seem to be of the opinion that "usb behaviour is correct", but don't
    > give any motivation why usb should take precedence. Offhand, I would
    > expect there to be fewer translation layers for PS/2 and would therefore
    > assume PS/2 is more inherently correct.

    I'm of the opinion that the USB behaviour is correct, because usb generates the
    172 / KEY_HOMEPAGE in accordance with:
    Page 84

    Where as in the ps2 world there is no official scancode mapping for these
    special keys, hence I talk about microsoft and compatibles. Also the number of
    layers of translation in both cases is just 1: one table (ps2) versus one
    switch statement (usb)


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