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SubjectRe: + clocksource-driver-initialize-list-value.patch added to -mm tree

* Daniel Walker <> wrote:

> > but why do you call that a simplification? Remove 5 lines of code
> > from the generic code, by adding +1 line to every clocksource
> > driver, totalling to like +20 lines at the moment?
> I guess I don't look at it in terms of lines .. Why do you think
> reciting a line count diminishes the "simplification" claim? The 20+
> lines that I added to each clocksource don't have a size or runtime
> effect ..

but they have a robustness and maintainability effect. Key is to keep
drivers _simple_ and hard to mess up. If it's 5 extra lines of code to
simplify a driver then we just do it. This is maintainance 101.

i cannot believe you are still arguing this. I explained this to you
many weeks ago!

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