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SubjectRe: + clocksource-driver-initialize-list-value.patch added to -mm tree
Daniel Walker wrote:
> I vaguely remember, but I don't think this creates a maintenance
> issue .. It's not related to maintenance , it's an issue of creating a
> new clocksource .. My perspective is that it has even less an effect
> than the CLOCK_SOURCE_IS_CONTINUOUS field .. People actually have to
> research that field, but list initialization is fairly clear.

Yes, but its just make-work. It has no bearing on what the clocksource
implementer needs to care about. CLOCK_SOURCE_IS_CONTINUOUS is a
property of the clocksource they're implementing; it matters to them.
But "list"? It's just administration.

> The majority method for creating these clocksources is copy&paste, so
> I'm not sure nano argument on this subject particularly relevant ..

Great, so we end up with some random piece of clocksource internal
implementation detail cut-n-paste replicated all over the kernel.

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