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    SubjectLinux 2.6.21-rc5

    There's various fixes here, ranging from some architecture updates (ia64,
    ARM, MIPS, SH, Sparc64) to KVM, networking and network drivers.

    And random one-liners.

    But probably more important, and likely much more visible to most people
    is the fixes for the fallout from the hrtimers and no-HZ changes, and some
    of the ACPI regressions.

    Those timer changes ended up much more painful than anybody wished for,
    but big thanks to Thomas Gleixner for being on it like a weasel on a dead
    rat, and the regression list has kept shrinking.

    So if you have reported a regression in the 2.6.21-rc series, please check
    2.6.21-rc5, and update your report as appropriate (whether fixed or "still
    problems with xyzzy").


    Adrian Bunk (3):
    X86_P4_CLOCKMOD must select CPU_FREQ_TABLE
    [X25] x25_forward_call(): fix NULL dereferences
    drivers/video/s3fb.c: fix a use-before-check

    Akira Iguchi (1):
    drivers/ata/Kconfig: PATA_SCC depends on wrong platform

    Alan Stern (1):
    usblp: quirk flag and device entry for Seiko Epson M129C printer

    Alan Tyson (1):
    [CIFS] reset mode when client notices that ATTR_READONLY is no longer set

    Alessandro Zummo (1):
    pata_ixp4xx_cf: fix interrupt

    Alexandr Andreev (1):
    x86-64: wire up compat sched_rr_get_interval(2)

    Alexey Dobriyan (1):
    [NET]: Copy mac_len in skb_clone() as well

    Alexey Starikovskiy (1):
    ACPI: resolve HP nx6125 S3 immediate wakeup regression

    Andi Kleen (4):
    x86-64: Update defconfig
    i386: Update defconfig
    i386: Enforce GPLness of VMI ROM
    x86: Export _proxy_pda for gcc 4.2

    Andrew Johnson (1):
    swsusp: fix suspend when console is in VT_AUTO+KD_GRAPHICS mode

    Andrew Morton (2):
    machzwd warning fix
    "ext[34]: EA block reference count racing fix" performance fix

    Andy Isaacson (1):
    fix read past end of array in md/linear.c

    Ankita Garg (1):
    oom fix: prevent oom from killing a process with children/sibling unkillable

    Anton Blanchard (2):
    [POWERPC] Bypass hcall stats until cpu features have run
    Fix return code in pci-skeleton.c

    Antonino A. Daplas (2):
    savagefb: Fix black screen on load in Savage IX
    savagefb: Fix compile error if debugging is enabled

    Arnaud Patard (1):
    spi_s3c24xx.c: warning fix

    Atsushi Nemoto (5):
    [MIPS] Check FCSR for pending interrupts, alternative version
    [MIPS] FPU ownership management & preemption fixes
    SPI: at25: do not use pointer before assignment
    [MIPS] Qemu: Fix Symmetric Uniprocessor support.
    [MIPS] SPARSEMEM: The first pfn of zone should be min_low_pfn, not 0.

    Avi Kivity (4):
    KVM: Unset kvm_arch_ops if arch module loading failed
    KVM: Fix guest sysenter on vmx
    KVM: MMU: Fix guest writes to nonpae pde
    KVM: MMU: Fix host memory corruption on i386 with >= 4GB ram

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (2):
    ide: don't allow DMA to be enabled if CONFIG_IDEDMA_{ICS,PCI}_AUTO=n
    ide: remove CONFIG_IDEDMA_{ICS,PCI}_AUTO config options

    Bernhard Walle (3):
    Initialise SAK member for each virtual console to prevent oops
    Fix wrong /proc/iomem on SGI Altix
    [IA64] Fix wrong /proc/iomem on SGI Altix

    Brice Goglin (4):
    myri10ge: Serverworks HT2100 provides aligned PCIe completion
    myri10ge: update wcfifo and intr_coal_delay default values
    myri10ge: fix management of >4kB allocated pages
    myri10ge: update driver version to 1.3.0-1.226

    Bryan O'Sullivan (1):
    IB/ipath: Check return value of lookup_one_len

    Chris Lesiak (1):
    spi: destroy workqueue after spi_unregister_master

    Cyrill V. Gorcunov (1):
    i2c/ds1374: Check workqueue creation status

    Dale Farnsworth (1):
    mv643xx_eth: add mv643xx_eth_shutdown function

    Dan Williams (1):
    [ARM] 4271/1: iop32x: fix ep80219 detection (support iq80219 platforms)

    Daniel Mack (1):
    ide: remove static prototypes from include/asm-mips/mach-au1x00/au1xxx_ide.h

    Danny Kukawka (1):
    add Fujitsu Siemens Tablet PC devices to 8250_pnp.c

    Dave Jones (1):
    [NET]: fix up misplaced inlines.

    David Brownell (4):
    reduce pnp syslog spam
    rm pointless dmaengine exports
    gpio_direction_output() needs an initial value
    gpio_direction_output-needs-an-initial-value fix

    David Howells (4):
    FRV: fix unannotated variable declarations
    NOMMU: supply get_unmapped_area() to fix NOMMU SYSV SHM
    NOMMU: make SYSV SHM nattch work correctly
    FDPIC: fix the /proc/pid/stat representation of executable boundaries

    David S. Miller (3):
    [SPARC64]: Get DEBUG_PAGEALLOC working again.
    [SPARC64]: Use Kconfig.preempt
    [SPARC64]: store-init needs trailing membar.

    Deepak Saxena (1):
    [MIPS] Make MIPS udelay() preempt safe under DEBUG_PREEMPT

    Divy Le Ray (5):
    cxgb3 - fix ethtool cmd on multiple queues port
    cxgb3 - Auto-load FW if mismatch detected
    cxgb3 - Fix potential MAC hang
    cxgb3 - T3B2 pcie config space
    cxgb3 - fix white spaces in drivers/net/Kconfig

    Eric W. Biederman (1):
    tty: Fix two reported pid leaks

    Evgeniy Dushistov (4):
    ufs2: more correct work with time
    ufs: prepare write + change blocks on the fly
    ufs: zeroize the rest of block in truncate
    ufs2: tindirect truncate fix

    Franck Bui-Huu (1):
    [MIPS] Always use virt_to_phys() when translating kernel addresses

    G. Liakhovetski (1):
    [IrDA]: irttp_dup spin_lock initialisation

    Geert Uytterhoeven (1):
    bool fbdevs must depend on FB = y

    Graeme Gregory (1):
    [ARM] 4270/2: mach-s3c2443/irq.c off by one error in dma irqs

    Greg Kroah-Hartman (1):
    USB: new Novatel device ids for option driver

    Guennadi Liakhovetski (1):
    [ARM] 4278/1: configure pxa27x I2C SCL as "input"

    Guido Guenther (1):
    rivafb: fix initial brightness

    Guillaume Chazarain (1):
    i386: Don't use the TSC in sched_clock if unstable

    Heiko Carstens (3):
    [S390] memory detection: fix off by one bug.
    [S390] Wire up compat_sys_epoll_pwait.
    [S390] Wire up sys_utimes.

    Henrique de Moraes Holschuh (1):
    ACPI: ibm-acpi: allow module to load when acpi notifiers can't be set (v2)

    Hideo Saito (1):
    sh: Fix PCI BAR address-space wraparound.

    Ingo Molnar (2):
    futex: PI state locking fix
    setup_boot_APIC_clock() irq-enable fix

    J. Bruce Fields (1):
    [CRYPTO] api: scatterwalk_copychunks() fails to advance through scatterlist

    Jack Steiner (1):
    [IA64] Fix get_model_name() for mixed cpu type systems

    James Bottomley (1):
    fix process crash caused by randomisation and 64k pages

    James Morris (1):
    time: fix formatting in /proc/timer_list

    Jamie Clark (1):
    sata_sil24: Add Adaptec 1220SA PCI ID

    Jarek Poplawski (2):
    lockdep: lockdep_depth vs. debug_locks
    lockdep: debug_show_all_locks & debug_show_held_locks vs. debug_locks

    Jaroslav Kysela (1):
    [ALSA] version 1.0.14rc3

    Jay Lan (1):
    [IA64] Fix typo/thinko in crash.c

    Jean Delvare (3):
    [S390] strlcpy is smart enough
    i2c-amd8111: Missed cleanup
    i2c-i801: Restore the device state before leaving

    Jeff Garzik (1):
    [netdrvr] ewrk3: correct card detection bug

    Jeremy Fitzhardinge (1):
    i386: fix typo in sync_constant_test_bit()'s name

    Jim Radford (1):
    USB: fix usb-serial regression

    Joachim Deguara (1):
    [ALSA] hda-intel - Fix HDA buffer alignment

    Joachim Fenkes (1):
    IB/ehca: Make scaling code work without CPU hotplug

    Johannes Berg (1):
    change misleading EFI partition support description

    Johannes Schlumberger (1):
    [CRYPTO] doc: Fix typo in hash example

    Johannes Weiner (1):
    Documentation/sysrq.txt: added short description for 'Q' (timerlist)

    John Heffner (1):
    [TCP]: Fix tcp_mem[] initialization.

    John Keller (2):
    ia64: platform_kernel_launch_event is noop on generic kernel
    [IA64] Altix: ioremap vga_console_iobase

    Jon Dowland (1):
    USB: two more device ids for dm9601 usbnet driver

    Joy Latten (1):
    [XFRM]: ipsecv6 needs a space when printing audit record.

    Ken L Johnson (1):
    USB: berry_charge: correct dbg string for second magic command

    Kou Ishizaki (1):
    scc_pata: dependency fix

    Krzysztof Helt (1):
    [ARM] 4272/1: Missing symbol h1940_pm_return fix

    Larry Finger (1):
    bcm43xx: MANUALWLAN fixes

    Len Brown (5):
    ACPI: Add support to parse 2nd MADT
    ACPICA: revert "acpi_serialize" changes
    ACPI: parse 2nd MADT by default
    ACPI: IA64: fix allnoconfig build
    ACPI: IA64: fix %ll build warnings

    Li Yang (1):
    Revert "ucc_geth: returns NETDEV_TX_BUSY when BD ring is full"

    Linus Torvalds (3):
    Revert "ACPI: Only use IPI on known broken machines (AMD, Dothan/BaniasPentium M)"
    x86-64: add "local_apic_timer_c2_ok" here too
    Linux 2.6.21-rc5

    Marcel Selhorst (1):
    tpm_infineon: maintainer

    Mark Glines (1):
    airprime: USB ID for Novatel EV620 mini PCI-E card

    Masayuki Nakagawa (1):
    [IPV6]: ipv6_fl_socklist is inadvertently shared.

    Mathieu Desnoyers (2):
    [POWERPC] Fix atomicity of TIF update in flush_thread()
    Fix atomicity of TIF update in flush_thread() for x86_64

    Mattia Dongili (1):
    sony-laptop: MAINTAINERS fix entry, add L: and W:

    Michael Halcrow (1):
    eCryptfs: fix possible NULL ptr deref in ecryptfs_d_release()

    Michael Holzheu (1):
    [S390] reboot from and dump to SCSI under z/VM fails.

    Michael Krufky (1):
    cx88-dvb: fix nxt200x rf input switching

    Michael S. Tsirkin (3):
    IPoIB/cm: Fix reaping of stale connections
    IPoIB: Fix use-after-free in path_rec_completion()
    IB/ipoib: Fix thinko in packet length checks

    Michal Schmidt (1):
    airo: Fix an error path memory leak

    Mike Frysinger (1):
    sh: Convert struct ioctls to static defines.

    Mohan Kumar M (1):
    [POWERPC] Avoid hypervisor statistics calculation in real mode

    Nick Piggin (1):
    mm: fix madvise infinine loop

    Nicolas Boichat (1):
    [ALSA] hda-codec - Add support for MacBook Pro 1st generation

    Nigel Williams (1):
    [IrDA]: Delay needed when uploading firmware chunks

    Oliver Neukum (1):
    USB: necessary update for mos7720 driver

    Ondrej Zajicek (1):
    sstfb: fix pixclock setting on Voodoo 1/2 cards

    Patrick McHardy (4):
    [NET]: Fix fib_rules dump race
    [BRIDGE]: Fix fdb RCU race
    [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack_netlink: add missing dependency on NF_NAT
    [NETFILTER]: nat: avoid rerouting packets if only XFRM policy key changed

    Patrick Ringl (1):
    fix typos in net/ieee80211/Kconfig

    Paul Mundt (4):
    sh: Define missing __NR_readahead.
    sh: Fix SH-3 cache entry_mask and way_size calculation.
    sh: Fix bogus regs pointer in do_IRQ().
    serial: Fix sh-sci break interrupt/sysrq handling.

    Pavel Machek (1):
    fix extra BIOS invocation during resume

    Pete Zaitcev (1):
    USB: RAZR v3i unusual_devs

    Peter Zijlstra (1):
    nfs: fix congestion control

    Rafael J. Wysocki (4):
    swsusp: Fix resume error path in platform mode
    swsusp: disable nonboot CPUs before entering platform suspend
    swsusp: Fix SNAPSHOT_S2RAM ioctl
    Make XFS workqueues nonfreezable

    Ralf Baechle (22):
    [MIPS] IP27, IP35: Fix warnings.
    [CHAR] lcd: Fix two warnings.
    [MIPS] Compat: Fix build if CONFIG_SYSVIPC is disabled.
    [MIPS] Lasat: Downgrade 64-bit kernel from experimental to broken.
    [MIPS] RTLX: Don't use volatile; it's fragile.
    [MIPS] RTLX: Harden against compiler reordering and optimization.
    [MIPS] RTLX: Protect rtlx_{read,write} with mutex.
    [MIPS] RTLX: Handle copy_*_user return values.
    [MIPS] Lockdep: Fix recursion bug.
    [MIPS] Kconfig: Move missplaced NR_CPUS default from SMTC to VSMP.
    ide: au1xxx: fix use of mixed declarations and code
    Fix build error due to not including <linux/errno.h>
    [MIPS] VI: TRACE_IRQS_OFF clobbers $v0, so save & restore around call.
    [MIPS] Export except_vec_vi_{mori,lui,ori} as text symbols.
    SAA9730: Fix large pile of warnings
    [MIPS] Fix pipeline hazard.
    [MIPS] Implement flush_anon_page().
    [MIPS] ARC: Fix warning.
    [MIPS] R3000: local_flush_data_cache_page take a pointer argument.
    [MIPS] Jazz: Fix warning.
    [MIPS] SB1: Fix pile of gcc's bogus format string warnings.
    [MIPS] SB1250: Fix bugs/warnings by creative use of volatile.

    Ralph Wuerthner (2):
    [S390] zcrypt: fix possible dead lock in AP bus module
    [S390] zcrypt: fix possible race when unloading zcrypt driver modules

    Randy Cushman (1):
    [ALSA] ac97 - fix AD shared shared jack control logic

    Randy Dunlap (1):
    libata: kernel-doc fix

    Robert Olsson (1):
    [IPV4]: Do not disable preemption in trie_leaf_remove().

    Roland McGrath (1):
    i386: clear segment register padding in core dumps

    Russell King (1):
    [ARM] Fix breakage caused by 72486f1f8f0a2bc828b9d30cf4690cf2dd6807fc

    Sam Ravnborg (1):
    x86-64: fix section mismatch warnings

    Samuel Ortiz (1):
    [IrDA]: Calling ppp_unregister_channel() from process context

    Sean Hefty (1):
    IPoIB: Fix race in detaching from mcast group before attaching

    Sebastian Siewior (1):
    [CRYPTO] tcrypt: Fix error checking for comp allocation

    Sergei Shtylyov (1):
    cmd64x: fix recovery time calculation (take 3)

    Stefan Richter (1):
    ieee1394: fix oops on "modprobe -r ohci1394" after network class_device conversion

    Stefano Brivio (1):
    hwmon: Build fix for SENSORS_W83793

    Stelian Pop (1):
    [ARM] 4264/1: ldrex/strex syntax errors with recent compilers

    Stephen Hemminger (3):
    skge: deadlock on tx timeout
    skge: mask irqs when device down
    skge: use per-port phy locking

    Steve French (2):
    [CIFS] Do not negotiate new POSIX_PATH_OPERATIONS_CAP yet
    [CIFS] Allow reset of file to ATTR_NORMAL when archive bit not set

    Steve Wise (1):
    RDMA/cxgb3: Handle build_phys_page_list() failure in iwch_reregister_phys_mem()

    Takashi Iwai (6):
    [ALSA] soc - Fix dependencies in Kconfig files
    [ALSA] hda-intel - Fix codec probe with ATI contorllers
    [ALSA] hda-codec - Fix speaker output on MacPro
    [ALSA] intel8x0 - Fix Oops at kdump crash kernel
    [ALSA] hda-codec - Add model for HP Compaq d5700
    [ALSA] hda-codec - Add model for HP Compaq d5750

    Tejun Heo (4):
    jmicron: make ide jmicron driver play nice with libata ones
    libata: don't whine if ->prereset() returns -ENOENT
    sata_inic162x: kill double region requests
    pata_ixp4xx_cf: fix oops on detach

    Thiemo Seufer (2):
    [MIPS] Misc fixes for plat_irq_dispatch functions
    [MIPS] mips-boards: More liberal check for mips-board console

    Thomas Gleixner (12):
    hrtimer: prevent overrun DoS in hrtimer_forward()
    hrtimer: fix up unlocked access to wall_to_monotonic
    fix MTIME_SEC_MAX on 32-bit
    clockevents: Fix suspend/resume to disk hangs
    i386: trust the PM-Timer calibration of the local APIC timer
    i386: clockevents fix breakage on Geode/Cyrix PIT implementations
    i386: disable local apic timer via command line or dmi quirk
    i386: add command line option "local_apic_timer_c2_ok"
    x86_64: avoid sending LOCAL_TIMER_VECTOR IPI to itself
    i386: Prevent early access to TSC to avoid crash on TSCless systems
    dynticks: fix hrtimer rounding error in next_timer_interrupt
    clocksource: Fix thinko in watchdog selection

    Thomas Renninger (1):
    ACPI: Only use IPI on known broken machines (AMD, Dothan/BaniasPentium M)

    Tobin Davis (2):
    [ALSA] hda-codec - Add suppoprt for Asus M2N-SLI motherboard
    [ALSA] hda-codec - more systems for Analog Devices

    Tommi Kyntola (1):
    [ALSA] intel8x0 - Fix speaker output after S2RAM

    Trond Myklebust (1):
    nfs: nfs_getattr() can't call nfs_sync_mapping_range() for non-regular files

    Ursula Braun (1):
    [S390] cio: qdio slsb setup

    Uwe Kleine-König (1):
    [ARM] 4235/1: ns9xxx: declare the clock functions as "const"

    Vasily Averin (1):
    smbfs: double free memory corruption

    Vlad Yasevich (4):
    [SCTP]: Clean up stale data during association restart
    [SCTP]: Increment error counters on user requested HBs.
    [SCTP]: Reset some transport and association variables on restart
    [SCTP]: Correctly reset ssthresh when restarting association

    Zach Brown (1):
    dio: invalidate clean pages before dio write

    Zilvinas Valinskas (1):
    initialise pi_lock if CONFIG_RT_MUTEXES=N

    Zou Nan hai (1):
    [IA64] min_low_pfn and max_low_pfn calculation fix

    suzuki (1):
    fix rescan_partitions to return errors properly
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