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SubjectRe: per BDI dirty limit (was Re: -mm merge plans for 2.6.24)
> Subject: bdi: debugfs interface
> Expose the BDI stats (and readahead window) in /debug/bdi/
> I'm still thinking it should go into /sys somewhere, however I just noticed
> not all block devices that have a queue have a /queue directory. Noticeably
> those that use make_request_fn() as opposed to request_fn(). And then of
> course there are the non-block/non-queue BDIs.
> A BDI is basically the object that represents the 'thing' you dirty pages
> against. For block devices that is related to the block device (and is
> typically embedded in the queue object), for NFS mounts its the remote server
> object of the client. For FUSE, yet again something else.
> I appreciate the sysfs people their opinion that /sys/bdi/ might not be the
> best from their POV, however I'm not seeing where to hook the BDI object from
> so that it all makes sense, a few of the things are currently not exposed in
> sysfs at all, like the NFS and FUSE things.
> So, for now, I've exposed the thing in debugfs. Please suggest a better
> alternative.
> Miklos, Trond: could you suggest a better fmt for the bdi_init_fmt() for your
> respective filesystems?

For fuse:

err = bdi_init_fmt(&fc->bdi, "fuse-%llu", (unsigned long long) fc->id);

This would match the connection ID in /sys/fs/fuse/connections/*

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